Open house - January 28, 2020

Open House at Polytechnique Montréal

The Open House event provides an excellent opportunity to discover Polytechnique Montréal to help you decide on a program of study before applying. 

Édith Ducharme, cinquième lauréate de l'Ordre de la rose blanche. (Photo : Denis Bernier)

2019 Order of the White Rose

Édith Ducharme is the fifth winner of the Order of the White Rose.

Watch her interview here and read the story here.

Des membres du comité étudiant Station Polytechnique devant la Station Polytechnique-Alstom. (Photo : Caroline Perron Photographies)

Station Polytechnique-Alstom: welcome aboard!

The Station Polytechnique Committee and Polytechnique Montréal inaugurate Station Polytechnique-Alstom, a repurposed métro car that will serve to promote wellness and raise community awareness of mental health issues.

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Donna Strickland en compagnie de professeures et d'étudiantes à Polytechnique Montréal (Photo: Caroline Perron Photographies)

Donna Strickland, Nobel Prize in Physics 2018, visits Polytechnique

Donna Strickland, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018, met the Polytechnique community on November 6, 2019.

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"Folding" a drop of water improves mobile laboratories

A newly published article in Nature magazine tells the story of this discovery made by an international research team from Polytechnique Montréal and IBM Research.

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Laboratory for Acoustics and Vibration Analysis (LAVA) facilities

Polytechnique opens the doors to its laboratories

Take a virtual tour of the Laboratory for Acoustics and Vibration Analysis (LAVA) facilities.

From left to right: Michel Patry, ex-director of HEC Montréal; Philippe A. Tanguy, President of Polytechnique Montréal; Federico Pasin, Director of HEC Montréal.

A new partnership with HEC Montréal

Polytechnique Montréal et HEC Montréal, among other things, plan to create create a double bachelor of business administration and bachelor of engineering degree.

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Catherine Beaudry, directrice du projet 4POINT0

Women changing the world

With women accounting for 28.3% of its engineering program enrolment, Polytechnique Montréal is the leader among engineering faculties in Québec and in Canada for the proportion of female bachelor’s students in 2018.

Read more at our Women and engineering website


An internationally recognized technological university

An internationally recognized technological university

Polytechnique Montréal is a world-class centre of science and technology. The university has agreements with more than 250 institutions from all over the world, and international students account for nearly one-quarter of its student body.